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Open Iftar

What is Open Iftar?

Open Iftar is the first global community-led public iftar campaign, inviting Muslims & people of all faiths, cultural backgrounds, ages, and anyone that may be in need of a safe, nurturing space, to join together to partake of the community spirit and explore the Islamic faith through food, inspirational talks, and engaging discussion. Open Iftar bridges communities; it is a space in which our commonalities are highlighted, our differences celebrated, and human connection is forged.

We’ve hosted over 50,000 guests across 7 cities and 4 continents including London, Portland (USA), Toronto (Canada), Istanbul (Turkey) and Ndola (Zambia) since its inception. In addition, Open Iftar has generated unprecedented international press coverage from the USA to Malaysia. Featuring in BBC, The Guardian, Buzzfeed News, TRT World, Press TV, Geo TV, Al Arabiya & others.

The initiative was shortlisted as one of 50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups in 2016. Our event has attracted premium brands and speakers from modest fashion, halal food, lifestyle, finance, music, art, media & technology, sport & business, Premier League football stars, entertainment, diplomacy, the UN, the EU, world famous entrepreneurs, prominent public figures and many more!

Open Iftar in Numbers

We’ve gained numerous friends over the years, having served thousands of unique individuals across the world. This year, we expect to serve a record breaking number as well as forming some lasting friendships. We hope you will join enterprise dedicated to us as we begin our journey, reaching new communties and spaces.

Open Iftar - in media

Ramadan 2017 in Bloomsbury: An evening breaking fast and sharing food with strangers
Sitting cross-legged on the floor of a huge marquee, it is only when my neighbour offers me a bowl of dates to share, before quickly swigging from a bottle of water...

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John Doe talk in Open iftar 2018

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John Doe talk in Open iftar 2018

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Open Iftar 2018

We are delighted and excited to announce the first-ever
Open Iftar UK Tour to take place in 2018 and spread the
community spirit across the UK. The cities confirmed
are as follows:

In addition to the UK Tour, Open Iftar will be taking place
in Portland, Oregon, USA and Istanbul, Turkey as
part of our international campaign.

Open Iftar during Ramadan 2018

Why Partner with Open Iftar

Support a selfless project driven by
positive social change and
community cohesion.

Potentially feed over 15,000 guests
across the year from diverse
communities and faiths.

Excellent brand exposure through
engaging mediums such as
internatinal and national TV, radio,
magazines, website, social media,
press ads, volunteer t-shirts & event

Global audience outreach stretching
to millions of viewers across 4
continents. Promote your
organisation through the RTP brand,
via online marketing on Facebook
(Over 8.5K followers), Twitter (2.9K
followers), Instagram (2.7K
followers) and more.

Utilise the Open Iftar platform to
showcase and generate direct sales
& business, with approximately
250-300 guests on average
attending per night.

Support Open Iftar

Become a champion of community cohesion, dialogue
and empowerment

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