Our mission

Turning strangers into friends

On a mission to bringing communities together to better understand one another, Ramadan Tent Project are committed to taking moral leadership and building bridges of understanding, solidarity and compassion.

Instilling the spirit of Islam all year round, our events are open to all faiths and none, aiming to soften hearts and minds and bring about good relations between people for a more harmonious society.

Our Theory of Change

Our theory of change is built upon three aims:

1. Convening & connecting
2. Building bridges
3. Developing greater understanding

We not only aim to continue growing our flagship event, Open Iftar and #MyOpenIftar, by reaching more communities than ever before across the globe, we will also deliver our mission through the following key programmes:

Our dedication to serving people is inspired by one of the most beloved acts in Islam as shown when a man asked the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Which act in Islam is the best? The Prophet responded "To give food, and to greet everyone, whether you know, or do not" 

Our Impact

Throughout our events and programmes over the past 7 years, we have connected and convened people from all faith backgrounds and none. In the process we have also been able to positively change perceptions and break down barriers about Islam and Ramadan.

- Over 50% of guests who attended Open Iftar agreed that their knowledge of Ramadan had increased.

- 80% of people felt there were not enough spaces for them to meet different communities to learn about one another.

- Over 50% of guests said that Open Iftar had given them an opportunity to meet with Muslims that they wouldn’t otherwise have had.


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