This is my first year volunteering with Ramadan Tent Project- I first heard about it through a friend that volunteered in 2014 and as soon as she suggested it to me for 2015, I signed up. I turned up on my first day to see the tent sat in the middle of Malet Street Gardens, a place I’d not really come across despite having studied just down the road several years before. The volunteers were briefed by Leyla and Shad and after donning my very own RTP 2015 purple t-shirt, we were assigned our tasks.

The kitchen is by far my favorite spot (of course I am happy to help out anywhere!), but dishing out all the wonderful cakes, sweets, fresh fruit, dips, samosas, pastries and dates gets me somewhat reminiscent of Ramadan days long gone where aunts and uncles would come over with plates upon plates of food for us all to indulge in once Iftari was upon us.
What I like about it so much is that volunteers old and new are all so happy to help and everyone is a clearly very happy to be there and pull their weight.

The tent to me, as a hub for culture and community unity, represents peace and unity, something so important given the terrible instances we see happening in the world today. You never know who you’ll end up next to, how their views will differ from yours, but you are all united by something stronger and the differences will promptly fade into the background.
Malet Street Gardens is such a beautiful setting, and honestly speaking when the sun is setting and the candles that line the banquet rolls are dancing along to conversation and laughter amongst strangers now friends, it feels truly magical.
I can’t wait to volunteer for RTP 2016!