by Samra Said

          When a secret gem like London Malet Street Gardens hosts Ramadan tent project, you know most immediately that ihsan is defined in this magical partnership.
          I arrived to first night of Ramadan to be welcomed by familiar faces from 2013, to energised newbie where our new home for the next 30 nights embraced us by it’s green oasis. Amir and Ruman the volunteers coordinators with their sense of humour, sincere approach and enthusiasm break the ice by throwing a joke here and there, where instantly you feel the warmth this sanctuary garden brings to your soul.
          The tasks are all divided equally between all the volunteers, and we work in such great team spirit that penguin may learn a thing or two from us. We have made it all look so easy, that when our guests come Iftar with us, it seems it all happened by chance. The guests are greeted with smile that says more than what words could convey. They sit on the banquet roll that we have previously carefully with numerous trial and error resized, layed out and securely sealtaped so it doesn’t fly along the birds who are marching home as sunset approaches.
          With 9 days to go until Ramadan becomes a joyful guests amongst us, Ramadan tent will be charity as usual welcoming the old and the new, Tony and his co, Dania and her traditional espresso,  guest speakers, ambassadors, interfaith leaders, and that lecturer across the garden that this year may be the year she gets a chance to share a meal with people united upon common goals.
          Whatever you decide to add to your wish or dua list for this Ramadan, make sure you visit to share a meal with us.