Next sessions for Global Iftar – Day 2:

Jamal Elshayyal 3pm UK time

Amb Ebrahim Rasool 4:10pm UK time

Della Miles, Riyaad Minty, Imam Suhaib Webb 5:10pm UK time

Madani Younis 7:20pm UK time

Zoom link

On Saturday 1st May – Sunday 2nd May 2021, the world’s largest Global Iftar will commence for the second year running.

Ramadan Tent Project will be making history yet again by hosting the Global Iftar across

all 5 continents during their respective local Iftar time-zones.

The world’s largest virtual Iftar will begin in London,

UK then moving onto the Americas, across Canada the US and Mexico.

Crossing over the Pacific Ocean, the Global Iftar will then move into Oceania,

Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and then return to London within 24 hours.