Julian Bond is the Director of the Christian Muslim Forum and an acclaimed speaker. Being a Christian, Julian encourages non-Muslims to join in Ramadan and fasting as well. “Ramadan is a very important time,” he says. “…its a great opportunity to find out a bit about Islam … get to know British Muslims, and have a British Ramadan.”

Julian highlights some of the benefits of fasting and says that people of any faith should fast, “…to get some kind of insight to the experience of fasting, and of the sense of focus that comes through not being distracted … and of all the other changes that come with not doing the things that you take for granted everyday like, going to make a cup of tea, reaching for a glass of water…. and to spend some extra time in prayer.”

Julian explains that if we get the “heart” of religion, people would not associate Muslims and Christians in a negative way, but would realize that both communities are “…praying for blessings on each other,” and on the community and city of London.

Julian calls for people to tweet about peace and, “Think about how you can be a peaceful person to your neighbour, whatever faith they may be, and to show the love and the peace that should come through the practice of Ramadan.” #RamadanPeace

Ramadan Tent Project has helped many non-Muslims learn more about Islam. It is a great time for Muslims to share their beliefs with others. The community spirit is a perfect setting for people to learn more about faith, prayer, fasting, and people.

If you missed hearing Julian Bond speak at Ramadan Tent Project, you can watch the recording on Ramadan Tent Project’s YouTube channel, and hear about Julian’s “deep and intense experience” spending 2 days in a mosque, listening to a reciting of the Quran.

Don’t miss out on the next speaker at Ramadan Tent Project! All are welcome to join in iftar at the Malet Street Gardens each night during the month of Ramadan and hear inspiring messages from highly acclaimed speakers.