My Open Iftar Pack


Your all in one, My Open Iftar pack, is here to bring you the most creative Ramadan experiences at home. These beautifully curated packs are a great way for Muslims and non-Muslims to celebrate and share in the joys and festivities of Ramadan.

Excellent as a Ramadan ‘goody bag’, or a gift for a family member or friend, or encouragement for your non-Muslim friend and colleague to join in a fast-a-thon challenge!

That’s not all! With every pack purchased, a donation will be made to feed one person for the whole month of Ramadan! See our full list of amazing items below!



The packs include:  

  • Ramadan bunting (designed by RTP and not available elsewhere!)
  • Ramadan postcard
  • Recipe booklet with dishes for Ramadan and Eid from renowned chefs
  • Activity sheets (colour in, decorate, and cut out and assemble)
  • A brief guide to the best and encouraged practices of Eid
  • Eid card
  • Eid bunting and balloons from Eid Party
  • Cake topper from Eid Party
  • Arabic coffee sample
  • and more!

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 2.3 cm