RTP Volunteer

When I first heard about Ramadan Tent Project’s Open Iftar, I really did not know what to expect. I thought, let me go find out what it is! There I found out the importance of RTP in fomenting inter-faith dialogue and solidarity. This project is extremely pioneering. One of its most benevolent aims is bridging positive relations between different religious groups through the celebration of the divine festivity that is the holy month of Ramadan, and inviting people to share the values together in peace. Interfaith dialogue is a pressing issue that RTP has positively acted upon.

As a young Lebanese woman from a Christian background, I believe that if RTP were to take place across the entire Levant, people would become immediately closer, especially younger generation which shares a common desire to bridge religious and political differences. This can only be achieved through sharing and communicating between each other. RTP provides those who attend with the chance to step into a space where you can share and meet with people, but also a space where you can learn and act upon challenges facing young communities from different nationalities and faiths. In a world where we are told that religion is the source of division, RTP is an example and reminder that coming together under a universal cause, that is the pursuit of good, is what is uniting more and more people around the world. I encourage people to take part and engage with interfaith dialogue and solidarity to ensure better understanding and a better society for the future.