Apply now to volunteer at Ramadan Festival 2024

Please note you must be over the age of 18 to volunteer, we require all volunteers to go through training
pre-Ramadan, and all volunteers need to be onsite 2.5 hours before sunset (i.e. Maghrib) and 1.5 hours post
Iftar (meal eaten during breaking of the fast).

All registration forms will be reviewed, and successful applicants will be contacted with information
about inductions – Attendance at induction is MANDATORY for all volunteers.

Like most years we have a quota for the number of volunteers needed – registration will be limited to
a reserves list only once we reach this quota.

We are looking for volunteers in the following UK cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Brighton,
Cambridge, Cardiff, Dundee, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, West Bromwich and Windsor.

London General Volunteer (CLOSED)

London Social Media Volunteer (CLOSED)

UK Cities (General and Social Media Volunteer)