Ramadan 2023 marked 10 phenomenal years of Ramadan Tent Project and our signature Open Iftar events. Over the past 9 years, our humble tent on a patch of green grew and grew, before it travelled to landmark locations.

‘Belonging’ is the theme that marked our 10-year anniversary. For the past decade we have connected and convened over half a million people from all backgrounds. Our passion in bridging between different communities is rooted in sharing our authentic selves with the world. True belonging should not require you to change who you are – rather, it is to celebrate who you are.

Softening hearts and minds, turning strangers into friends, building stronger communities and bridging are all fundamental mechanisms in working towards an inclusive space for all. To celebrate this work and our 10-year journey, the theme of ‘Belonging’ quintessentially culminates everything Ramadan Tent Project represents.

How did we celebrate 10 years of RTP?

Organised the first ever in-person Welcome Ramadan Conference at the V&A, South Kensington

Launched the world’s inaugural Ramadan Pavilion at the V&A

A lot of people showing the flashlights of their phone with the beautiful buildings on the back.

Hosted Open Iftar in 10 cities across the country, to mark 10 years

Some person holding the Iftar bag in the huge building and a lot of people arriving on the back

Distributed 1,000 My Open Iftar packs to children, families, schools and businesses, in partnership with Islamic Relief UK and Eid Party

A lot of people arranging something on the road and there is a big olympics stadium on he back.

Recruited over 1,000 volunteers

A man wearing black shirt holding the black speaker mike

Over 100 guest speakers, performers. mu’athins and more

Open Iftar

Our flagship event, Open Iftar, made history throughout the month of Ramadan, from launching the Open Iftar campaign outside of London for the first time to celebrating many more ‘first’ and ‘largest’ Open Iftar events in history. Below is a snapshot of what we achieved:

A lot of people sitting on the chairs, enjoying their lunch with many water bottles and shopping bag laying on the table.

First ever Open Iftar event at a Premier League stadium, at Stamford Bridge (Photo by Nader Elgadi)

First ever Open Iftar to take place in Brighton, at Amex Community Stadium

A restaurant where a lot of people having their lunch.

Largest Premier League Open Iftar at Villa Park, with over 800 in attendance

Largest stadium Open Iftar in the world at Wembley Stadium with the FA

A lot of people sitting on the red carpet to open their fast with a bunch of dates and water.

First ever Open Iftar and Adhan in Guilhall’s 2,000 year history (Photo by Acacia Diana)

First Open Iftar at Granary Square, King’s Cross with Little Amal

Children playing some tablo on the stage with people watching and chairing on the back.

First ever Open Iftar & Adhan at Shakespeare’s Globe in its history (Photo by Hana Jedrosz)

A lot of people standing with a tall and huge buildings on the back somewhere in the world.

Europe’s Largest Public Open Iftar at Trafalgar Square (Photo by Acacia Diana)

✅ First ever Open Iftar at Bradford Cathedral
✅ First and highest Open Iftar in Europe on Floor 56 at 22 Bishopsgate
✅ First ever Open Iftar at Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield
✅ Largest Open Iftar in a Cathedral, with over 1,000 in attendance at Manchester Cathedral
✅ First indoor Open Iftar at the British Library
✅ Returning to Loftus Road Stadium, the home of QPR FC – the first Championship club to host an Open Iftar event – this year, for Open Iftar in the stands
✅ First Open Iftar at 100 Liverpool Street with British Land
✅ Back to back Open Iftar events in Newcastle Gateshead, at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
✅ Largest Open Iftar event at Royal Albert Hall
✅ First ever Open Iftar at One New Change
✅ First ever Open Iftar at Mustafa Mount, Bradford
✅ Largest Open Iftar at Hay’s Galleria
✅ First ever Open Iftar at King’s College, Cambridge
✅ First ever Open Iftar at Battersea Arts Centre
✅ Largest Open Iftar event at V&A, South Kensington
✅ First ever Open Iftar at Battersea Power Station
✅ First ever Open Iftar in Gloucester at Blackfriars Priory
✅ Largest Open Iftar at Coventry Cathedral

Ramadan Pavilion

A boy wearing a gray coat offering Azan .

First ever Adhan & Salaah held at Ramadan Pavilion

A lot of people offering prayer on the carpets in the colorful masjid.

First ever Jumu’ah Salaah held at Ramadan Pavilion

Three ladies wearing black burka in which on of them is singing some with musical instrument .

First ever Eid event in RTP history, held at Ramadan Pavilion

A lot of people taking pictures of the children singing something with blue logo of Ramadan on the back.

Over 150,000 visitors and participants at Ramadan Pavilion