Embark on a visual journey with Peter Sanders, a photographer whose lens has gracefully transitioned from capturing the faces of iconic musicians to painting a rich tapestry of Muslim heritage.

Born in London, Sanders gained acclaim in the 1960s for immortalising well-known musicians like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and The Rolling Stones. However, the 1970s marked a transformative shift for the photographer. Drawn to the spiritual and traditional aspects of Islam, Sanders became Muslim in 1971. This pivotal moment redirected his lens towards capturing the spiritual heart of Muslim culture. Sanders seized a unique opportunity that same year, documenting the warmth of Makkah during the Hajj (pilgrimage) season, sharing the sacred moments with the world through major UK and European magazines such as The Sunday Times, The Observer and Paris Match. This marked the beginning of his journey into the traditional and spiritual universe of Islam.

Sanders’ photographic odyssey extended beyond capturing well-known personalities to meeting saints and sages of Islam worldwide. This spiritual quest resulted in the publication of his book, ‘Meetings with Mountains,’ a visual narrative capturing the diverse and profound spirituality within the Muslim world.

Every photograph captured by Peter Sanders serves as a legacy, preserving and promoting the beauty of Muslim heritage. His lens captures not just moments, but stories that transcend cultural boundaries, fostering understanding and appreciation. Sanders’ dedication to visual storytelling has left an indelible mark on the portrayal of Islam, weaving a narrative that goes beyond time and space.

We celebrate the nuanced narratives told within each frame, appreciating the profound stories etched in the pixels of Peter Sanders’s remarkable photography.

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