Ramadan Festival

Experience the vibrancy of our Ramadan Festival.

Experience the vibrancy of our Ramadan Festival through this dedicated page, where we unfold the tapestry of our unique celebrations. Take a journey of discovery as we share the purpose, events, and experiences that define our Ramadan Festival.

From insightful reflections to exciting activities, this page invites you to immerse yourself in the spirit of unity, joy, and the shared moments that make our Ramadan Festival a memorable celebration. Let’s live the essence of Ramadan together!

  • Launching Ramadan Festival 2023

    Sunday 5 March 2023 – Welcome Ramadan Conference at Victoria and Albert Museum kicks off Ramadan Tent Project’s 2023 Ramadan Festival. Welcoming hundreds of the British public to prepare for the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan Tent Project (RTP) hosted 25 speakers and moderators who spoke on four key themes: Spirituality and Ramadan Charity and

  • Ramadan Festival 2022: The Ramadan Spirit is Within us

    We have reached the end once more; as we bid farewell to the holiest month let us remember that the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of every month in the calendar, and Ramadan coming to an end does not mark the end of our intentions, actions and worship. A key lesson behind the beauty of this month is that

  • Jews and Muslims join in celebrating a shared fasting tradition.

    When attending Ramadan Tent Project’s most recent event “Faith & Fasting,” which celebrates Yom Kippur and the Thursday Sunnah Fast - something Imam Qari Asim said really stuck with me. He mentions how we have more in common with the Jewish faith than that which divides us.  Both faiths, Islam and Judaism, follow the teachings of Prophet Abraham very closely.